University of Texas Heath Science Center

Exhaust and Intake Air Flow System

Project Data

Project Description: Construction of a very large fresh air intake duct system at roof levels, across the entire length of the University of Texas Medical and Dental Schools. The system is designed to intake uncontaminated air from selected directions and distribute same to multiple fresh air intake locations on the various roof levels.

Engineer: Silber & Associates

Architect: Chumney and Associates

Project Architect: Frank Amaro Jr., AIA

Construction Data

Date Started: Nov. 1, 1990

Date Completed: June 3, 1992

Square Footage: 24,000

Student Capacity: N/A

Construction Contract Amount: $2,983,749.00

Final Contract Amount: $3,381,627.99 (1.13%)

Cost Per Square Foot: $140.90

General Contractor: Universal City Construction Company

Construction Contract Type: Bid