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Silber & Associates, a San Antonio based Consulting Engineering firm with 56 years’ experience in designing MEP systems for public schools was formed in 1970, by Paul G. Silber, Jr., P.E., who was in continuous practice as a Consulting Engineer from 1957 until 1999. Silber and Associates is a residual firm of Paul G. Silber, Jr., Mechanical Engineers, formed in 1957.

The majority of the staff personnel of Silber & Associates have been involved in the MEP design of over Four Hundred Twenty (420) area school projects; Fifteen (15) New High Schools, Sixteen (16) New Middle Schools, Forty-Five (45) New Elementary Schools, School Renovation Projects of all sizes and types, HVAC and Electrical Equipment Replacement Projects.

In 1985, Silber and Associates was selected by the San Antonio Independent School District, as the prime professional firm, to provide the engineering services to air condition 77 existing schools, Alamo stadium Gym, and to administer the construction for a $45 million bond program. Recently Silber & Associates assisted in the development of project MEP Design Criteria, MEP Guide Specifications and Pre-Bidding of the majority of Mechanical and Electrical systems equipment for the San Antonio Independent School District’s $485 million bond program to implement additions and renovations to most of their existing school facilities.

In 2008 Silber and Associates was selected by North East Independent School District as the Prime Professional firm to provide engineering services to air condition Forty Six (46) existing schools.

During the 56 years of this firm’s existence, it has on a continuing basis provided innovative engineering, state of the art designs, and continues to be involved in projects containing ever more complex and sophisticated mechanical and electrical systems including energy management, flexible lighting control, telecommunications, and multimedia. The Standard level of design at Silber & Associates is based on a pragmatic approach and evaluation process that is customized to each project in order to achieve both performance and energy efficiency levels that meet or exceed the most recent Code and Certification standards.

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